The Everyday Web Mission

Philadelphia Small Businesses Deserve Better.

Everyday Web is a new full service digital marketing agency from Philadelphia, PA that was created during the height of the global pandemic when two freelance web designers realized that not enough small businesses were able to afford digital marketing services to help them grow their business.

Businesses must embrace digital marketing & technology to reach customers, the problem is local agencies & freelancers are too costly for small businesses that needed to adapt to the pandemic. So we created Everyday Web, it's like having your tech friend one call away to figure out your biggest digital challenges.

Starting with affordable websites, we ensure your customers don't just visit your website but take action, whether that be booking your service, scheduling an appointment, picking up food, or signing up for your next webinar, our websites help your customers make decisions. But we didn't stop there, with social media packages, Facebook Ads Management, & more we provide a one-stop shop that serves as your full digital marketing partner, helping you reach your customers both old & new on the internet.

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Meet the team!

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Dan Jacob
Digital Marketing Expert

With a background in web development & over 5 years of web design experience, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge in the website & e-commerce space. Dan is a platform generalist, he's built clients websites using Webflow, Shopify, Wix, & Squarespace and is able to assist clients with a variety of needs. In addition to websites, Dan has worked for companies like SEMrush, he's well versed in SEO & digital marketing - he believes businesses should be able to get online without expensive contracts that break the bank!

Mario Saint-Fleur
Digital Marketing Expert

Mario has a background in technology, information systems, & web design. With a degree in Information Systems from Drexel University, Mario has proven to show results to clients by providing more than website design, he's able to craft digital solutions that work in any business case. Mario has experience building sites from scratch & with WordPress, from e-commerce to blogs, Mario has you covered!

James Lazarus
Social Media Expert & Designer

James is a social media wizard & designer at heart, she's managed, developed, & created engaging content for a number of publications, bands, small businesses, & brands. James is able to help you realize the power of social media by crafting content that gets users to learn more about your business.

James Markley
Sales Expert

James is your go-to person to figure out which package fits your business best, with experience managing campaigns for elected officials he understands what it means to sell! James is focused on making sure your business isn't just able to get online but also able to successfully reach customers in a cost-effective way!

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