Alpha Organics Inc.

How a manufacturing company avoided a freelance website nightmare


Alpha Organics Inc.

Alpha Organics Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing, Chemical

Who is Alpha Organics Inc.?

“ From formulation to finish, Alpha Organics is your manufacturing/co-packing   solution. Located in Philadelphia, PA, we are committed to delivering the most   innovative and effective premium skin, personal care and household care formulas.”

What problems were they facing?

Alpha Organics Inc. had previously worked with a freelancer found online to build a website for their business, unfortunately like many other businesses that have worked with a web design freelancer they were given a shoddy website that was extremely unprofessional. Their website wasn’t mobile friendly, responsive, and did not have the clean yet inviting aesthetic they wanted for their business. As a new business they were challenged with a tight budget, even more so now that they had spent money on a freelancer, that’s when they found Everyday Web. Everyday Web quickly stepped in and took down their poorly designed website. First, we went into Wix (the platform the previous developer had chosen), captured all the necessary information such as domain name, contact info, & more, then we took down the site, saving the client monthly hosting expenses that were beginning to add up. We then moved the website to the platform of our choice - Webflow. Why Webflow? Knowing the client’s budget restraints & need for something quick, responsive, & aesthetically pleasing we knew that Webflow could deliver on all of these key points. We quickly got all the data we needed for the website, connected a new domain name, & got the site up and running in under 2 weeks (Slow by our new standards!).

What were the results?

The result for the client was a professional website that they weren’t ashamed of, filled with high quality images, copy, & pertinent information. We saved the client over 25% month-over-month in monthly hosting costs while also delivering a brand new website. Alpha Organics Inc, since has gone on to remain a loyal client of ours they rest assured knowing that their website will always look stunning on a smartphone or any device for that matter, & they also enjoy support should their site ever need any changes or modifications!

Why work with us?

If your business is anything like Alpha Organics Inc. (manufacturing/chemical/etc.) we highly recommend getting started with our Advanced Website Package. Why? Well chances are your website isn’t just your website, it’s your central hub and you want it to be able to inform your customers about new products lines or services, with our Advanced Website Package you’ll be able to get your business set up with a powerful CMS that will allow you to add new products or services at your fingertips! Of course we'll set it all up for you and if you opt for our highly recommended support, maintenance, & hosting package you’ll get a team of specialists prepared to assist you with any questions. Additionally, the advanced website package comes with complimentary inbox setup for your domain when you choose Google Workspace. That way your whole team & organization can utilize G Suite as your inbox & file management system WITH a professional domain (e.g.