Donni Fludd Real Estate

How one agent was able to Fludd the market


Donni Fludd Real Estate

Industry: Real Estate 

Who is Donni Fludd?

Donni Fludd is a Philadelphia based real estate agent at Home Smart Realty Advisors. He helps buyers find their dream homes and investment properties. 

What problems were they facing?

Like most real estate agents, Donni was trying to stand out from the pack with his own website. Typically, real estate agents get a subpage on their brokerages website, so they might have something like this: {INSERT PICTURE OF SUBPAGE} - while you might be thinking “This has everything an agent needs!” The reality is that customers in today’s market are looking for more tools to understand their homes, and do things conveniently like schedule tours, find homes, or even look at properties in 3-D. A brokerage subpage won’t do that. Donni understood this and invested in a personal website, now no matter what brokerage he’s at he still owns his website and can easily make updates, use powerful add-ons to always stay competitive, & of course stand out in a highly competitive field.

What were the results?

The result for Donni was a unique website fit for Donni’s specific clientele. Donni loves to showcase his simplicity and modern aesthetic which is also what his buyers enjoy, so with a new personal website he was able to let browsers become buyers with tools to search properties using an MLS Property Finder of his choosing (Bright MLS). 

Why work with us?

It’s often said that real estate is a cutthroat industry, and it’s also the biggest industry as well meaning there is no shortage of competition. While agents of yesterday were able to make a living without using technology, it would be a disservice to yourself and your clients to still rely on the old way of doing things, you need technology and it all starts with a website! Everyday Web created the Modern Agent Package for this specifically, now you can get online quickly and affordably, with a website that will always be yours no matter what brokerage you’re at. But a website isn’t enough, you can use our add-ons to include things like virtual tours, CRM integrations, and more. 

Disclaimer: The client has decided to take down their full website at this time, however when you work with Everyday Web you can pause and renew your website at any time! Your website will still be stored and remain up using a subdomain site.