Messin' with Resin

From Instagram page to E-Commerce store


Messin' with Resin

Industry: Novelty/hand-made products 

Who is Messin with Resin’?

Messin’ with Resin makes jewelry, plaques, collectibles, & just about anything using resin. With Messin’ with Resin you can order customized products and add options like glitter, floral designs, & so much more. Resin has made its way into the cultural zeitgeist thanks to Tik Tok and entrepreneur & owner Alina Chaves knew that launching a Shopify store where customers could order custom resin products would change the game!

What problems were they facing?

Messin with Resin’ were facing a number of challenges before launching their e-commerce store, firstly the business started as an Instagram page and the client had been facing difficulties answering customers, keeping track of orders, displaying pricing, and shipping & return policies - it was clear that the business had grown past Instagram. While the client could have chosen a solution like Etsy, ultimately the listing fees made it unprofitable so they needed an e-commerce solution. The problem was - with so many options and variants a typical digital marketing agency would have charged over $10K for the site, far from the client’s budget. Luckily, Everyday Web has packages for scenarios like this...

What were the results?

The result for Messin’ with Resin was a powerful e-commerce store built on Shopify, allowing the client to accept orders, display pricing & shipping/policy information. Everyday Web was able to add a number of variants and options for the client as the products can take many different shapes and forms - this saved the client immeasurable time - from using pen and paper to track order variants to utilizing Shopify’s backend technology, the client could now easily track all orders, see their variants and options, while also keeping track of revenue, all on autopilot!

Why work with us?

If your business is anything like Messin’ with Resin (a complex product based business without an e-commerce website) we highly recommend getting started with our Advanced E-Commerce Package. The Advanced E-Commerce package is our top of the line e-commerce package ready for almost any business, we use Shopify as well as some third party add-ons to account for variants and options, Shopify is currently limited in terms of variants and options so if your business sells something with a lot of options this is a great plan for you.