Top Tier Dumpster Rental

How a dumpster rental company took out the trash (their competitors)


Top Tier Dumpster Rental

Industry: Waste Management

Who is Top Tier Dumpster?

Top Tier Dumpster is a dumpster rental company located in Volusia County, Florida - they service the region along with Daytona. Top Tier Dumpster Rental provides residential and commercial customers with affordable dumpsters used for everything from home cleanouts to large construction clean up projects.

What problems were they facing?

Top Tier Dumpster was entering a new fairly crowded market and they needed a way to stand out from the competition. Luckily for them the dumpster rental space hasn’t seen many well designed websites. Top Tier wanted to showcase their service and quality, they are aimed towards making dumpster rental affordable and convenient - the old way was anything but. Before, you would need to call a local dumpster rental company, see if they had available inventory, discuss a quote, have the company send out a dumpster, then pay additional fees. Top Tier Dumpster rental changed the status quo by offering all inclusive rates, convenient ordering, & top tier service - the website needed to reflect that. Before us, the client had fiddled around with website builders like Squarespace and Wix, unfortunately this was a huge time suck and the owner did not have prior experience in web design, that’s when Everyday Web stepped in. We knew that starting a business can cost a lot of money upfront especially in a business like this, so we ensured the client that we could get started right away with only 20% down and the remaining payments could be made on an agreed upon schedule. 

What were the results?

The result for Top Tier Dumpster was a stunning high quality website with powerful features & copy that reflected the company’s key differentiators. With their new website they could now showcase their pricing & services in an organized easy to understand fashion. Furthermore we integrated a powerful form that is able to take payments and schedule pickups, swaps, & drop-offs. Furthermore, we were able to help the client start ranking locally, this was huge considering this is a new business in a competitive location. Within a few weeks we were able to get Top Tier Dumpster ranking on a number of “money keywords” - how? Remember how we mentioned that their industry was filled with poor websites? That was our opportunity to use compelling copy & optimized load speeds to get Top Tier ranking. Now be mindful that SEO isn’t always this easy and it takes a lot of ongoing work - however if you’re in a market where the competition is lacking quality websites then the time to strike is now! 

Why work with us?

If your business is anything like Top Tier Dumpster (locally-focused/competitive market) we highly recommend getting started with our Plus Website Package. The Plus Website package includes a Content Management System, SEO optimizations, and more. This is a great option for a new or existing business to get a fast, mobile-friendly website that has all the basics of a site that is ready to start ranking on search engines (think page speeds, sitemaps, eloquent meta descriptions). Furthermore, when your business needs to be continually updated you’ll have access to a powerful CMS that lets you and your employees make updates without worrying about breaking anything on the website, so you can add new services, blogs, or other dynamic content.