The Power of Collaboration: How DesignRush Helped Everyday Web Design a Dream Logo on a Budget

Read more on DesignRush in this article, we explore how we use DesignRush to help our clients.

At Everyday Web, we understand the challenges small businesses face. When a client approached us needing a logo for their personal brand, they emphasized the importance of affordability. We, at Everyday Web, are known for finding innovative solutions to keep costs low without compromising quality.

This is where DesignRush came in. DesignRush is a platform that connects businesses with a vast network of talented creatives, including graphic designers.  Through their user-friendly interface, we were able to post a detailed project description outlining the client's vision and budget.  DesignRush then presented us with proposals from a pool of qualified designers, allowing us to choose the perfect fit for the project.

The collaboration was a success! We received several creative logo concepts within our budget.  We worked closely with the chosen designer to refine the logo until it perfectly captured the client's brand identity. The client was thrilled with the final product, and we were happy to have delivered a high-quality logo at an affordable price.

For more details on how DesignRush can help businesses find creative solutions, read more on DesignRush.  (

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