Enhanced Social Media Marketing

At Everyday Web, we have the services you need to take your growing business to the next level. Together we will evaluate your social media presence and goals and create customized content as well as marketing plans that will boost your business. Let us help you so you can use your time doing what you actually love, everyday.


Monthly Analytics to improve and review goals
5 posts per week on 2-3 platforms (IG, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter)
Content Creation (Images/Graphics, Videos, Text)
Profile Optimization

About the Plan

Is social media marketing for small your business taking up too much of your time? We offer a unique service that aims to take your growing business to the next level. If you have a presence on various social media platforms, but either you haven't seen the results you are looking for or it's taking up too much of your time to do what you love, then this is the package for you. Are you looking to expand your business to the next level but don't know how or where to start?  Together with our team we'll help you understand your goals, create customized content, post consistenly throughout the week, and more.


Once you add to cart, we'll email you a form to capture details & allow you to select a website theme you like the most! Additionally, you'll be given the option to book a call with one of our specialists to walk you through your website. If you'd like to get started with 20% down click here!

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